The World up closer... PLUS: 100% transparant = We being "One hundred percent transparent"!

Crew member, ONLINE: Patrick Bresser (P.J.), Market & Business Development manager of our very own- and the main- core business triangle: Zaterdag.NL/.BIZ (...translated:, YouAre (.MARKET/.ORG /.EU & .BE/.NL) + ExportZ (.COM).
"Bringing the world closer to you!" We work with lots of young- & true sports -talents, -athletes to both semi-professionals and enthusiastic hobbyists as well! “Right in the Middle” of the (sports)community ...& to serve: “The Consumer market”!

For example: towards every degree of our national sportsmen: amongst others our: community; PLUS international e.g.

Let me introduce our official and financial company: Zaterdag.BIZ (...our financial investor), and myself briefly as well so that you will have a better idea about us, plus how we will sell only “superior quality” consumer products together! Products that receives good acceptance by customers matching the highest quality possible!
All in all, and mainly to bring the highest quality products to the attention of new consumers, to sell off course, but in many more cases supporting our national athletes/sportsmen/young talents and wannabees (...their fans) towards e.g. our completely different and other riders e.g. to win professional competitions or tournaments as well, or just to promote and manage the ethos of the sport and leisure lifestyle and the benefits it brings as well!
We will sell (eventually) from hundreds of web shops! Amongst other listed by, and shown by: nationally; PLUS seamlessly integrated with “Our own brand”, and “The Marketplace”: locally, ...for great product lines; Also see and advice: YouAre.EU & YouAre.MARKET (.ORG) e.g.
Mutual benefits: Where & YouAre holds stock as well, ...which leads to faster shipments (24 hrs in NL, and 48-72 hrs in Europe) and lower inventory costs for the shop/retailers connected; ...

...With other benefits like; *support in European time zone; *better prices, lower handling and lower shipment costs *makes it easier to reach the necessary volume to place an order. There is less critical volume per product needed, etc.
- Quality of the product and branding is carefully maintained in our local markets. PLUS: Only authorised dealers are supported in the applicable warranties and product support, etc.

I therefore also lead what is to our opinion ‘The Next Big Marketplace’ in the Netherlands (NL) and Europe (EU) …USA: .ORG/.MARKET: ...etc.
- Our YouAre (.EU/.NL) marketplace – A new and most exiting venture and group of entrepreneurial ambassadors towards retailers right in the middle, centre of Europe;
- My personal and professional ExportZ.COMMarket & Business Development organization to educate, service and train our ambassadors plus retailers in Europe ...also supporting our international partners (suppliers, manufacturers, Wholesalers, etc.) specifically in America/USA, or ONLY (their) production facilities towards (wholesale) specialists shop owners / distributors in other continents in the world, and our ...
- ‘Zaterdag (.NL) ’ headquarters/ financial department and investor (the Netherlands/NL), which holds stock- as well (...or helps others in drop-shipment) and uses amongst others several discount programs with package- and freight forwarders over sea’s and by plain. [CaroTrans Global/Cleve & Zonen (NL, Ocean) and FedEx, UPS (Air) to name a few].

Most important. We are no traditional agency. Our short lines of communication as well as our professional contacts ensure best results. Due to our experience, our working methods and our networks, we can offer a broad range of services, ...or even: just act as your local sales point!

This also means that we continuously aim high in creativity, quality and service.

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