For companies ...Manufacturers, Our mutual goal:

Existing Markets
New Markets (.NL/.BE, .EU, etc...)

...or even: Act as your local sales point (POS: Point of Sale)!

For consumers/customers: No price skimming* + Companies:

A new focus for organizations to become more profitable and competitive. Our collaboration promotes fresh views to manufacturers, suppliers, our dealers and customers being true ambassadors as well!

The / Web-Shops:

Topathletes.COM (World wide/int.); (locally); (ACRO group); (TRA); (Coach/Trainer); (DMT – Dubble Mini Trampoline); ... and about us and our ambition - Worldwide network in the sport - Next to our role as 'trade organization and Supplier "in e.g. the gym- as hobby and professional sports for you on one hand, we as “media sponsor:" in our second role also makes it the ideal partner in a number of regional networks: (TRAMPOLINE), (TURNEN), (DANCE + CHEERLEADING), and amongst others (ACRO GYM)... so this further and also as part of any Start: or specifically appointed and: for example.

Our ONLINE Point of Sale: We are aiming for a fair marketplace! We are solely distributing, and are not a shop (...Nine out of Ten), nor do we compete with shops.

We are “partners” for the shops! ...Though just like other famous resellers we (might) hold stock as well, just like in this case... we deliver directly from the AirTrack Factory / Manufacturer (...being the AirTrackFactory / Manufacturers dedicated price Distribitor ONLINE)!

Why our offer is also online, ...and/plus besides the vendors from outside (...our 3th parties, partners as well)? - Addition to its own range also offers articles and ads from- and to external vendors ONLINE. These are private sellers of used items or (online) shops that also offer their range through ...or one of its online shops*. The range of external vendors offer you as a customer a number of advantages.

The benefits for you:

     more choice, thousands of unique additional items;
     range of specialists;
     sometimes shorter delivery times;
     sometimes cheaper supply;
     you order and pay just like you are used to, to, or any of it's own Omni-Channels/shops:; Topathletes.COM; Start: etc.

It is possible that an item is offered by both an external vendor and by any of the shops and/or ambassadors. You can choose accordingly, select the right price for you, and the delivery you like or want, in which you order the item. Seller ratings can help you with making the right choice for you!

With the benefits, by an established Brand: YouAre, 'founder' of amongst others: YouAreAir.COM!

 - With the AirTrack Factory & Manufacturer warranties in the EU amongst others;
...We also know as no other that attracting consumers to a product or service requires establishing a strong brand (y)our target market can connect to.
Our answer to that topic, ...and our registrated Brand (NL: merk): YouAre;
Incl. our corporate business (headquarters) and the company owner, what are you going to do on: Zaterdag(.NL) = Translated: Saturday ( =

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