Our EXACT time schedule:

 - PRODUCTION — Start March 2016: The true production at the true AirTrack Factory, and our very own AirTrack Manufacturer;

 - MARKET LAUNCE / PHOTO — March 2016, Launce: Omni-channel marketing - A seamless approach to the consumer experience through all available shopping channels...: topsporter.NL; topathletes.COM, ACRO groups, just like: elastic-fantastic.nl; and our very own Fitness/Gym/Sport networks: topspringers.nl; topacrobatiek.nl, topdansers.nl; toptusnsters.nl; etc. etc.

 - TRANSPORT — End of March: Transportation, by Ocean (OCEAN shipment FIRST, even to be combined with Urgent Deliveries and/or single CUSTOM order requirements, by Air)

 - IN STOCK — Expected this April (...or perhaps May): Holding stock of a few dozen AirTrack Sets; and spareparts, like AirFloors, Springboards/AirBoards; SpringBlocks/AirBlocks; AirRolls in 3 different sizes and many colours, etc. ...PVC duarble bag with zipper; AirPump, ...

 - CUSTOM BUILT (REQUIREMENTS) — Therefore, and for Customized requirements (Colors/Sizes): Just some weeks for each and next module; If necessary and single pieces even if it's a FULL Size and professional Gymnastic floor 12mx2mx0.2m e.g. in any required colour; Logistics by Air door tot door: 5 business days service = just 1 week extra (AIR delivery, insured)!

 - AIR deliveries WW/Int., incl. Second To None (S2N) Cutting edge products & Services ONLY — Shipment of single pieces ALSO goes with AIR (...an additional 5 days Service), and with:
- Registered mail; because it is always unique and valuable, with the right (additional) documents and everything will run as smoothly
- insurance
- Track & trace


We are above everything an 100% transparant and true AirTrack Factory price distributor!

Your DIRECT advantage: We only charge for warranties (...on your exact design) and transport! The real Omni-Channel experience and distributor, especially for YOU = ALSO and just only getting your DESIGN specifications known and the exact delivery Door to Door, by: Omni-Channel Logistics.


ALSO Meaning: No price skimming*

*) (Small) Business owners price their goods and services using strategies that fit their target markets' budgets. Price skimming is a type of strategy that businesses use when they are first to enter the market with a product or service. With price skimming, when a product is released, it's offered at high price and then lowered later in the product's life cycle or when competition begins to enter the market.


With local- & The right garantees

With the benefits, by an established Brand: YouAre, 'founder' of amongst others: YouAreAir.COM!

 - With the AirTrack Factory & Manufacturer warranties in the EU amongst others;
...We also know as no other that attracting consumers to a product or service requires establishing a strong brand (y)our target market can connect to.
Our answer to that topic, ...and our registrated Brand (NL: merk): YouAre;
Incl. our corporate business (headquarters) and the company owner, ...plus what are you going to do on: Zaterdag(.NL) = Translated: Saturday (Saturday.onl = Zaterdag.nl).

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