Building materials we like to choose from: HEYtex GMBH en Mehler

All 100% pure EU STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY — incl. the top quality materials Made in Germany.
All components of the double-wall fabrics used are compliant with the European Community regulation on Chemicals - REACh no. 1907/2006 (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals). The aim of REACh is to improve the protection of human health and the environment.  
There are absolutely no prohibited substances, such as lead or cadmium in the fabrics used, making this product unique in the world. The fabrics are manufactured in Germany under the internationally recognized quality norm DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 with air.

HEYtrax - spacer fabrics:
For highest dimensional stability in textiles.
A highly complex weaving technology enables the production of HEYtrax spacer fabrics.
In the weaving process the defined amounts of pile yarns ensure a high-strength and form-locked combination of fabric surfaces.
This guarantees a safe and stable connection between the layers even at significant internal pressure.
Due to the closely crossed plain weave deviation, you also get a surface requiring less coating material for inflatable constructs and which is therefore much lighter than other comparable spacer textiles. Depending on the amount of the filling, you will receive either an extremely stable construct or one that is gradually adjustable as to its rebound force and resilience.

HEYtrax fabrics meet the highest quality demands:
• high tear strength
• extremly high stiffness/ dimensional stability
• very low elongation
• high compressive strength
• good stress distribution
• low weight 

We are the the best or most extreme AirTrack Factory example to continuously aim high in creativity, quality and service to our community of fans and ambassadors that manufacturer our own AirTracks. We have complete control over quality from start to finish which means better airtightness and durability amongst others.

HEYTex® double-wall
HEYtex® HEYtrax  
“a class apart”

HEYtrax fabrics meets the highest quality demands
PVC HEYTex® double-wall:

DIN EN ISO 1421, ISO 4674-1
NFG 37 114, ISO 2411, ISO 4675
NF EN 12280-1

Excelent, superb and ultimate results on the determination of PVC HEYTex® double-wall on:

• Tensile strength (Break test);
• Tear resistance test (Tear and wear);
• Airtight coating PVC HEYTex® double-wall;
• The coating adhesion strength of coated fabrics;
• Low-temperature bend test (Flexing);
• Ageing Tests (Heat Ageing)


Tensile strength (Break test);

DIN EN ISO 1421:2016  —  65...66 oz/yd2 | US: 2700/5000 N/5 cm
(...tensile strength and elongation at break test)

Wrap & weft tensile strength up to 50% more durable than existing technology
Incl. Low weight: 2200 ... 2250 g/m2 | 65 ...66 oz/yd2

Tear resistance test;

ISO 4674-1:2016  —  PVC HEYTex® double-wall is tear-resistant: 500/850 N | Tear resistance US: 112/191 lbs

(...Tear and wear; Plus Can take high pressure | Excellent high stress distribution)

Airtight coating PVC HEYTex® double-wall;

NFG 37 114:2011  —  Excelent airtight coating (test)

(Gas permeability woven drop-down constructionMade in Europe with superior raw materials and 100% REACh Certified quality)

The coating adhesion strength of coated fabrics;

ISO 2411:2017  —  Specifies a method of determining the coating adhesion strength of coated fabrics

Incl. High compressive strength;
Good force distribution ...amongst others

Low-temperature bend test (Flexing);

ISO 4675:2017  —  To resist the effect of low temperature when subjected to bending at specified temperatures after definite periods of exposure

Ageing Tests (Heat Ageing)

NF EN 12280-1:1998  —  Accelerated Ageing Tests (Heat Ageing, etc.)

Highly weatherproof;
Durable, UV and weather resistant

HEYtex IMS (integrated management system)
controlled currently also consists the elements

 • quality (DIN EN ISO 9001)
 • environment (DIN EN ISO 14001)
 • occupational health and safety (BS OHSAS 18001)
 • energy (DIN EN ISO 50001)

HEYtex states clearly: “You can rely on us.
You can build with our HEYtex textiles.
And you can trust us”.

PLUS: We can and will deliver any model in, and as: 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, 30 or even 33cm thick !! ! Whatever you want and/or like!

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